Episode 019 : Jari Aarnio, part 3 of 3

How does one go from respected and talented drug investigator to drug dealer and corrupt police officer? This is the third and final part to a three-part story. Please go back and listen to parts one and two first if you haven’t already.

Raimo Tienhaara: Finnish criminal responsible for the planning of the attack on Aarnio in 1996.

Raine Sievälä: Finnish criminal, brother of Raimo Tienhaara. Was seen on security tape footage buying two phones linked to Pasila man and was later convicted in the first part of the barrel case.

Pasila man: Nickname for the main perpetrator in the barrel case.

United Brotherhood: Gang – Keijo Vilhunen was acting as its leader at the time.

Keijo Vilhunen: Finnish criminal, former leader of United Brotherhood and one of Pasila man’s main partners in crime.

Peter-Mikael Fagerholm: Received the Loviisa barrel in 2011 as ordered by Raine Sievälä and was threatened by UB gang members during the first barrel case court proceedings.

Jykä: United Brotherhood member who was initially suspected to be the Pasila man.

Miika Kortekallio: Finnish drug lord who passed away in 2000.

Malmi woman: Mari Romano, one of the Pasila man’s contacts and his main partners in crime. Ex-girlfriend of Miika Kortekallio.

Seija Kortekallio-Lampi: Sister of Miika Kortekallio, one of the Pasila man’s contacts and his main partners in crime.

Lasse Aapio: Helsinki police force assistant manager.

Saara: Sex worker whose story led to an investigation on Aarnio and who also acted as an important witness in court.

Trevoc: Technology company.

Pasi Patama: Founder of Trevoc.

Jouni Viitanen: Founder of Trevoc.

Petri Rainiala: HPN senior officer belonging to Aarnio’s inner circle.

Ari-Pekka Koivisto: state prosecutor in charge of the investigation into HPN that started in 2007.

Mikael Runeberg: NBI investigator who later moved on to work for the HPN, belonged to Aarnio’s inner circle and acted as his right-hand man. Was also involved in the testing of the anonymizer.

Kari Kauppi: HPN investigator belonging to Aarnio’s inner circle who was involved in the testing of the anonymizer. Brought items to Aarnio in jail and called Aarnio’s wife to discuss spreading mulch on the Porvoo premises.

Riitta Leppiniemi: Jari Aarnio’s lawyer.

Heikki Tamminen: A Finnish businessman who passed away in the year 2002 and who Aarnio alleged all his unreported cash had come from.

Veiko: An Estonian man who was, according to Aarnio, close to Tamminen and delivered Aarnio the money in a secret meeting. Veiko was later tracked down and acted as a witness in court.

Jarmo Hirvonen: Prosecutor in the Aarnio case.

Mikko Männikkö: Prosecutor in the Aarnio case.

If you want to know more about this case, I highly recommend a book called Keisari Aarnio by Minna Passi and Susanna Reinboth which is also my main source of information for this multiparter. Unfortunately, the book is only available in Finnish for now. Also, the first episode of the Empreror Aarnio TV series has finally come out, and my Finnish listeners can find it online at Ruutu.

Jari Aarnio, Mari Romano a.k.a the Malmi woman, Seija Kortekallio-Lampi and Keijo Vilhunen

Jari Aarnio, Mari Romano a.k.a the Malmi woman, Seija Kortekallio-Lampi and Keijo Vilhunen

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