Hello, and thank you for visiting my website.

Here is a little bit of background as to why I started this podcast.

What made me start a podcast of my own?

I stumbled upon podcasts in 2016 while searching for an "alternative" for music. I started out with listening to a lot of true crime, and eventually ventured on to other genres like fiction, science, history and news. Eventually, podcasts became very important to me, and I kept on subscribing to new ones.

I also started searching for a podcast about Finnish, Scandinavian or even European true crime, but could never find one that fit my liking and that was in a language that I spoke. I found a few podcasts that had covered legendary Finnish cases, but I felt that the facts and the details were sometimes a bit lost in translation as the hosts were not native Finnish-speakers. That's when I started asking myself why most true crime podcasts were based in English-speaking countries - even I, not having any initial background information, sometimes get tired of hearing about the same well-known cases that are covered over and over again on many different podcasts. So to feed the void inside me, I began to suggest Finnish crime cases to a few true crime podcasts that took in feedback or ideas for future episodes. However, I don't think any of my suggestions were ever seriously considered, probably because of the language barrier. 

Then it hit me - why wait for someone else to create this podcast I was so desperately looking for, when I could just do it myself?

I had no clue as to how to start a podcast, but Google is a good friend of mine. So, I picked my first case and started writing. After a lot of research, problem-solving and googling, here I am now. I hope you enjoy my podcast as much as I enjoyed making it!

 Why Finland?

I feel Finland is a part of Scandinavia, yet somehow we are also separate from it : in my mind, Sweden, Norway and Denmark form a tighter group  because of the similarities in their official languages. Finnish, however, is very different from those three as it forms its own language group with Hungarian and Estonian. This is why it is also very difficult (excluding well-known cases) to find information on Finnish crime if one does not speak the language. Even though I also speak Swedish, I feel I should focus on Finland and leave other Scandinavian crimes to people from those specific countries. But, I would be more than happy to collaborate with a fellow Scandinavian person if someone decides to create a Swedish / Norwegian / Danish (or a mix of the three) true crime podcast - please don't hesitate to contact me.

In addition, I also think that the Finnish culture and the Finnish mindset are fairly unique to a certain extent and that there is an audience, however small, out there that is interested in hearing how our society works. 

Ethän pelkää pimeää
Siel on monta kynttilää
Ja viimein sun matkaan
Ei pääse saattajatkaan
— Johanna Kurkela : Prinsessalle